Wednesday, July 24, 2013

It's All, Oh So Souvenir To Me...

             Tasos dreams of the moment when he will become a guardian of the Parliament. 
             Designed by BusyBee

What would Greece be if it were a souvenir? More than 60 Greek talented designers give us their own interpretation in an exhibition at Matalou@home, creating objects that redefine the design and the meaning of the traditional Greek souvenir. In the on-going exhibition It's all, oh so souvenir to me, Greek designers join forces to reinvent Greek souvenirs, producing smart and original objects with a pint of humor and self-sarcasm. Until 28th of September we can visit the exhibition and buy the inspired creations of the 60 designers... Jewelery inspired by ancient games, ceramic pomegranates, T-shirts with the famous mustache of the Greek revolution or the faces of Greek ancient statues with an alternative look and many more alternative memorabilia!
          Coaster designed by Rdesign - Ritsa Anastasiadou
             "Psarika" designed by Giannis Mamoutzis
            Kolokotronis moustache is reappiring in Koukoutsi's t-shirts

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