Monday, June 29, 2020

My home's renovation...

This is the season that every year I am in the mood of making some changes on my home's decoration... Especially this year, the desire for changes was more intense for me. 
So, I was planning some changes in the color of the walls, some addings in the furniture or rearranging the decoration of some spaces.
Firstly, I wanted so much to renovate my bedroom giving it a romantic accent and making it more cozy and hospitable... and then I felt that it was the right time to put some fresh air in my living room. The space where we spend many hours each day... 
I was really happy when I discovered Photowall Sweden, where I found out the perfect wallpapers for my home. 
I chose a romantic vintage floral wallpaper for the bedroom, which fits perfectly with the decoration of the room and a watercolor like wallpaper in green hues for the living room, which totally matched with the ethnic pendant lights and the rustic coffe table. 
I am so excited with the result!!! I had never put up a wallpaper before, but the video tutorial and the clear instructions helped me get the perfect result.
If you like it too and you are in the mood for some changes in your home's decoration, you can now take your own Photowall wallpapers with an  exclusive discount of 25% on their complete selection, using the code ideabygs2021, for a whole month, as much as you want!! 
I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did!!!

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