Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sunday Morning Tales


After years of economic turmoil, Athens's self-confidence and creativity are stirring again, with new restaurants, shops and a blossoming of local pride.
Here is the tribute of the New York Times for the city of Athens called "36 Hours in Athens"...     

1. ­Hill of the Muses.
2. Manimani, 10 Falirou Street, Koukaki, Fresko, 3 Dionysiou Areopagitou Street
3. Acropolis Museum, 15 Dionysiou Areopagitou Street
4. ­Meliartos, 65 Ermou and Aiolou, Lukumades, 21 Aiolou and Agias Eirinis, Osterman, 10 Agias Eirinis Square
5. ­Heteroclito, 2 Fokionos and Petraki Streets
6. ­­TAF, 5 Normanou Street, Six d.o.g.s., 6-8 Avramiotou Street
7. ­­Cafe Taf, 7 Emmanuel Benaki
8. ­­The Museum of Cycladic Art, 4 Neophytou Douka Street
9. Avocado, 30 Nikis Street
10. ­­Koukoutsi, 81 Skoufa Street, Zeus & Dione, 21 Ploutarchou Street, Forget Me Not, 100 Adrianou
11. ­­The Panathenaic StadiumThe National Gardens. Aigli Cafe, Zappeion
12. ­­Mavro Provato, 31 Arrianou. Funky Gourmet, 12 Paramithia and Salaminas Streets
13. ­­The Nice N’ Easy cafe, 60 Omirou & Skoufa, Kolonaki; Vouliagmeni LakeAstir Beach, 40 Apollonis Street, Vouliagmeni

*See here another amazing video for the city of Athens...

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Making the closet

Well, the season for making our closet is already here!!! As the weather is cooler enough we have to bring our autumn wardrobe back.... Every time I do this work, I am dreaming of a walk-in closet where everything would be perfectly organized so as getting dressed in a few minutes, making the best combination of clothes, shoes and accessories. If you have a tiny spare room in your house convert it in a walk-in closet. You don't need a big amount of money... Only a lot of imagination! Take inspiration from the photos above.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Home sweet home


Maybe this is the first foto of my home published on the blog, except some of my plants in the balcony or some Christmas decorations...                          
I really love this detail in the entrance of my home!!! A group of beloved items decorate the old renovated console which I found about two years ago in the street, in an extremely bad condition and now it consists an eye candy in my living room ... I will say about this in another post.                                                   
Now I would like to introduce you those beloved items. The set of the mini white bell and vase from porcelain and silver is a memorabilia from my mother's-in-law wedding and the silver frame which hosts my favorite quote is a gift from my wedding! The bottle in aqua color is the latest addition in the group, bought from an amazing shop in Leros island during our holidays there!
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