Sunday, August 30, 2015

Sunday Morning Tales

Last Sunday of August today.... It 's a good reason to spend all day long in the beach in order to enjoy  the hot sun (we need to preserve our summer tan :)... don't you think?), the light sea breeze, the sound of the cicadas, the light sea ripple and last but not least the revitalising cool water! 
Don't hurry to leave the beach... Today, is the day after the August fool moon, so it will be equally a wonderful night by the beach. Get organised... Take with you a good wine, some finger food, a light blanket and create unique memories of a romantic night, far away from the city noise and the every day life!!! 

Images 4,6 & video by Georgia Samartzi

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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

DIY: Creating Art for Nursery

I 'm so happy this season, because one of my best friends is going to be mom for her third time in a few days... So, as this period I am on holidays, far away from professional obligations and I have a lot of free time,  I decided to make a special handmade gift for her baby boy! After some hours of thinking, I decided to create two little paintings which will decorate perfectly the wall above his crib
As he will be born in the end of the August, I chose to use two colours which reminds the Greek Summer! I painted the background with my favourite colour, which is nothing else but turquoise, the colour of the pure sea water. For the details I chose some shades of orange... Those who takes the sky the sunset hour! 
The paintings' theme is the forest and the Indians... One of little boys' favourite theme! I designed the head of a little deer, an Indian tepee, some feathers and some arrows on balsa wood. Then I cut them and glued them on the canvas in order to create a kind of 3D result. The final step was to write on them some messages for their little owner, with my black markers. 
The materials I used for this project was: two canvas frames of 20x20cm, a piece of balsa wood, acrylic colours and my  favourite markers.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Plan an Escape in...

....Sophia Suites, in Santorini. A recently renovated mansion, originally built more than 150 years ago, turned into a group of luxurious suites where everyone would dream to spend at least a couple of days! Its magnificent rooms and suites are really spacious and wonderfully decorated, combining the contemporary design with the traditional Cycladic architecture and decoration with some moroccan touches... Plus, it offers an uninterrupted volcano-sea view, which allows the visitor feel like "is flying" above this breathtaking view while he is enjoying his breakfast or sunbathing during the day. The visitor can complete the day by relaxing in the hot water of the private hot tub while he is enjoying a chilled glass of the world's awarded local wines watching the stars and the unique Santorinian moon reflected in the sea. The most dreamy spot of this amazing hotel is the indoor cave heated pool, with led lighting, of its honeymoon suite!
Oh... I really would like to spend my holidays there!!!
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