Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Years Eve on I.De.A's Home

Hello my friends…!!! How are you? Are you preparing for the New Years Eve? What are you planing to do? 
Here, in my home, we are preparing a gathering with my family and some friends, in order to welcome the New Year! The "Vasilopita" (the new year's day cake which contains a hidden coin which gives good luck to the receiver) was baked yesterday night and Ι decorated it a moment ago! The  festive dinning table is ready, in a few hour I will have finished cooking and the champagne already  chills in the refrigerator… I hope everything will be perfect this night! I just want to see my beloved ones happy and start all together a New Amazing Year better than the previous which was hard enough for the majority in Greece and for me personally.
I wish you a Happy New Year!!! Have fun!!!

10 New Years Eve Table Settings

Well, this is the last day of this year… What are you planning to do tonight? 
I am preparing a dinner for my family! It is a good opportunity gathering with my beloved ones and spending our last day of 2013 all together, as the last months' schedule was too heavy that I was not allowed to see them as often as I'd like… 
Everything will be ready in a few hours for the dinner and now is the time to decorate my dinning table in order to look festive and inviting in the same time!
If you haven't decide yet how you will decorate your table, here there are 10 amazing ideas for the New Years Eve table setting! Have a look and in combination with your imagination, create a unique dinner for your family and friends… 
I wish you to have an incredibly amazing New Years Eve my friends!!! Love you all… <3

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sunday Morning Tales

I 'd really love to pass some days in a log cabin like this, situated in a snowy mountain village… There is nothing best than spending those days far away from the city centre, in a cozy place which will help you free your mind from the everyday problems! 
Have a wonderful Sunday my friends!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Outdoor Decoration

This is the ideal Christmas outdoor lounge for those who don't care about the cold weather… We create the most romantic Christmas atmosphere with twinkle lights and many many candles in beautiful lanterns and of course fur blankets and hot red wine with seasonings in order to keep warm ourselves!!!                                                                    

Merry Christmas

The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree: 
The presence of a happy family all wrapped up 
in each other!
I wish you to have a really wonderful time amongst 
your loved ones and believe in the magic of Christmas! 
May your days be merry and bright...

Love you all!!!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Wise Words

A home perfectly decorated for Christmas

I really adored this living room from the first sight ! It's so perfectly decorated for my favorite season of the year…of course Christmas!!! I love the enormous illuminated christmas tree, filled with hundreds of twinkle lights that looks so magestic during the night and the double sided stone fireplace with its inspired decoration. 
And...of course I believe in Santa (photo 1 & 5)!!! :) I 'm waiting for my gifts!
I imagine myself hanging out on that cozy leather couch, enjoying the fireplace's warmth and the atmospheric light of the christmas tree, drinking some hot aromatic gluhwein! 

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sunday Morning Tales

It's only a few days for Christmas and everything around us are beautifully decorated with lovely christmas ornaments and festive twinkle lights!!! Oh… I love so much twinkle lights!!! 
I can't think nothing better than a walk on the city centre late in the afternoon in order to admire the decorated roads and shops and then gathering near a cozy fireplace with good company for drinking some hot rakomelo (hot raki with honey and cinammon)!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sunday Morning Tales

Have a wonderful and cozy Sunday with Christmas smells and sounds!!! 
I am dying for cinnamon, combined with orange or apple's smell.... 
I like it everywhere....either in my tea, or in a scented candle!!! 

Images via tumblr.com

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Fluffy Living Rooms

As the weather becomes colder and colder each day, we all have the need for create a cozy and warm atmosphere inside our homes! I really love the warmth offered in a living room by the use of sheep/cow skins or fluffy long-haired handmade blankets used as carpets (I have a red one in my living room). If you want to add some extra coziness  into your space, you can put a piece of faux fur on your sofa and add some cushions, covered with faux fur too or some knitted warm covers, maybe handmade by yourselves! Believe me... you will transform your living room into a warmth paradise for endless hours of relaxation!!!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

5 Alternative Christmas Trees

If you are the kind of person who is seeking every year for different ways to decorate his/her home, here you can find 5 brilliant ideas for an alternative Christmas tree!!! With no amount of money but with tones of imagination you can create the most beautiful seasons decoration for your home and transform it to the coziest space of the whole world...!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

French Farmhouse

Today, we are going to visit a reconstructed French farmhouse, in Dordogne which is owned by a British couple who live here with their two daughters. They tried hard to maintain the original character of the construction! The walls and beamed ceilings are original while the fireplaces and stone floors were reconstructed to blend in the original features. 
As concern as the decoration, the owners chose to equip their house with cozy off-white sofas and armchairs, combined with old rustic furniture found in the local market and fur carpets in the floor for more warmth! 
In the kitchen there is a touch of modern in the rustic background, by the use of inox and plastic.... I believe that they perfectly macht each other!!! In the other hand, in the bedrooms' atmosphere there is so much romance by the use of the old metalic beds!
My favorite nook of the house is the room with the stove... I imagined myself sitting in that comfortable leather armchair (photo no5) near the warmth of the stove and drinking a cup of hot chocolate while gazing the landscape from the balcony doors. Just amazing!!!

Images via rosesandrustblogger.blogspot.fr

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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sunday Morning Tales

Good morning my friends... I wish you to have a joyful month! Really, have you started the Christmas preparations? It's only 25 days until Christmas! Yeah... my favorite season of the year!!! Ohh... I can't wait until tomorrow that I will decorate my home with the help of my husband and our beloved ones, in the sound of Christmas songs, drinking hot chocolate or some red wine... Stay tuned to see photos the next days! :)

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Light Christmas Decoration

Hello my friends!!! How are you? My last month's schedule is so heavy that unfortunately, I have no free time for blogging! :( 
Nevertheless, today that I found this wonderful scandinavian living room with some ethnic touches, decorated in Christmas mood, I decided to spend some time to show it to you, as we are so close to Christmas... Less than one month for my favorite season of year..yeah!!! 
Really, have you started your Christmas' preparations?

Images via blogg.skonahem.com

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sunday Morning Tales

A sunny autumn Sunday is the perfect day for making a promenade in the forest and let your mind feel free from the everyday problems and stress... There is nothing better from walking through the trees, hearing the nature's sounds and admiring the amazing pallet of fall colors in the trees' leaves! And after that long walk, I couldn't imagine nothing else but drinking a hot chocolate near the fireplace and chit chat with good company!
Unfortunately, I am very busy today... So, I am just daydreaming and I hope to be free next Sunday.  
Have a relaxing Sunday my friends!!!

Image via tumblr.com

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Fireplace: Wood Stotage IV

The idea of storing timber for the fireplace inside, becomes each year more popular as it is so practical yet a wonderful decorative for the living room that offers a cozier atmosphere during winter!!! 
Here you can find some smart ideas on how you can store the woods  inside your home, making them the center of the interest....

Saturday, November 9, 2013

DIY: Origami Diamonds

I was always found so interesting to create little decorative ornaments with the origami technique... A simple piece of paper can be transformed into a piece of art!!! You can use pages from old newspapers, magazines, books or to print or paint the pattern you like. As it is so easy to do them (you will find a tutorial here), I thought to create some paper diamonds for my home with christmas patterns so as to use them for the christmas decoration
What do you think? Will you make an effort to make some for your home? 

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sunday Morning Tales

Explore nature, culture, local life, art and history as autumn has arrived and summer in Greece has bid us a fond farewell. The most charming season of the year is here! Its uniform golden hue and mild temperature has given way to an array of colors found only in autumn. The Greek countryside is waiting to reveal its secrets to unsuspecting visitors and well-informed nature lovers alike. 

See another breathtaking video for the city of Athens here.

Video via visitgreece.gr

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Deep Blue

Well, today I 'm going to present you one of my favorite colors... Deep blue!!! A color which fits perfectly both with earthy and warm hues like chocolate brown and deep orange, for a more cozy result or with white hues for a totally island look. You can use it to paint a wall in a room (not all of them because it' s too dark) in order to focus on it, making it the center of interest with a lot of paintings with special frames or by placing in front of it an antique furniture... Deep blue will highlight it perfectly! 
Then, it is lovely to use it in your kitchen's cabinets, but be careful with the materials you will use for the walls and the floor. I will recommend you the mixing of bright shades and wood in its natural color. 
In the other hand, if you are afraid to use such a strong color in a large surface, use it in decorative items(vases, candles, a piece of art, kitchenware, etc.), furniture or linens for your bed and sofas. 
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