Wednesday, July 15, 2015

TR2 the rooms

When Georgios C. Carabellas (an entrepreneur based  in London who is the founder and creative director of TR2 the lifestyle brand) in 2007, stumbled across four derelict shacks in the traditional part of the main village of Skyros, he felt in love by the first sight with their atmospheric views and  their aura. 
I 'm pretty sure that you will fall in love with this guesthouse too... It combines perfectly the Skyrian traditional architecture with contemporary eclectic design and touches of moroccan style. The renovated buildings share a common patio which is tiled with reclaimed old handmade tiles... It is the guesthouse's candy eye which looks like a traditional embroidery! There, you can enjoy your breakfast or a Greek coffee, sitting in a set of traditional Greek round metallic table and rattan chairs. And latter, if the noon doesn't find you in one of the wonderful beaches of the island, you can take a nap in the hammock under the fig trees go the guesthouse. 

Images via skyros-suites

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