Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas Countdown - 11 days

Today, I'm gonna show you my home's Christmas decoration! As I have said you in a previous post, my favorite colors for Christmas is the combination of red, pine green and gold of course! So, everything is decorated in those tree colors; the Christmas tree is full of glass and papier mache balls, little stars, angels, handmade ornaments and some sweets. The lanterns beside the door are simply decorated with some festive ribbons and near them, there are some handmade (by me) garlands and bulbs hanging from the ceiling. And then, a simple and so easy to made festive centerpiece (a glass vase full of pine cones and in its base a Christmas wreath, all made by me too...) decorates the dining table. And what about my little sweet Santa over the closet who wants desperetely to see some snow during Christmas? :)    
Now, I feel ready to start tomorrow the preparations for some Christmas sweets... I'm planning to make the traditional greek melomakarona, kourampiedes (the two most consumed sweets during holidays in Greece) and some Christmas gingerbread cookies!!! Mmm... I can't wait! I adore the time of sweets' preparation as the house is filled with amazing smells!
What do you plan for the weekend? 

Images by me

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