Tuesday, December 31, 2013

10 New Years Eve Table Settings

Well, this is the last day of this year… What are you planning to do tonight? 
I am preparing a dinner for my family! It is a good opportunity gathering with my beloved ones and spending our last day of 2013 all together, as the last months' schedule was too heavy that I was not allowed to see them as often as I'd like… 
Everything will be ready in a few hours for the dinner and now is the time to decorate my dinning table in order to look festive and inviting in the same time!
If you haven't decide yet how you will decorate your table, here there are 10 amazing ideas for the New Years Eve table setting! Have a look and in combination with your imagination, create a unique dinner for your family and friends… 
I wish you to have an incredibly amazing New Years Eve my friends!!! Love you all… <3

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