Wednesday, December 4, 2013

French Farmhouse

Today, we are going to visit a reconstructed French farmhouse, in Dordogne which is owned by a British couple who live here with their two daughters. They tried hard to maintain the original character of the construction! The walls and beamed ceilings are original while the fireplaces and stone floors were reconstructed to blend in the original features. 
As concern as the decoration, the owners chose to equip their house with cozy off-white sofas and armchairs, combined with old rustic furniture found in the local market and fur carpets in the floor for more warmth! 
In the kitchen there is a touch of modern in the rustic background, by the use of inox and plastic.... I believe that they perfectly macht each other!!! In the other hand, in the bedrooms' atmosphere there is so much romance by the use of the old metalic beds!
My favorite nook of the house is the room with the stove... I imagined myself sitting in that comfortable leather armchair (photo no5) near the warmth of the stove and drinking a cup of hot chocolate while gazing the landscape from the balcony doors. Just amazing!!!

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  1. ΠΟλύ ομορφο!


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