Friday, August 29, 2014

Summer Adventures

Here I am again, after a little break for my summer holidays... This year we visited our beloved island of Leros for a week (unfortunately we could not stay further due to our work) of ultimate relaxation!!! The only thing we had to do those few days, was to spend endless hours in the beach (my favorite is Aghia Kioura, see photo No 18) enjoying the tranquillity and the turquoise pure water of the sea, gathering with our friends and family every evening or riding our bikes late in the night, across the coast road between Alinda & Aghia Marina, where we enjoyed the special night view of the castle and the beauty of the sea which was every night so calm... It looked like a swimming pool where the island's lights was mirroring in it! 
Now back in reality with full batteries, tanned skin and beautiful memories from an amazing place and wonderful people, I am ready for new projects and challenges!!! 

Images by Georgia Samartzi

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