Friday, January 30, 2015

Hot air balloons in the kid's room

Hot air balloons are a charming trend for kids rooms, as they are so whimsical, they offer the romantic atmosphere of another era and inspire the imagination... There are plenty of options on how you can use them in the decoration of a kid's room. You can simply hang some mini hot air balloons or a mobile from the ceiling, you can use linens, blankets and cushions with this theme or to dress up the room's walls with a hot air balloon themed wallpaper... There are some amazing in the market or you can order one with the help of a specialist! 

p.s.: Do you know about Montessori kids rooms? 
Find some information & inspiration here.

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  1. Hello Georgia,

    I happened to see some photos of the air balloons that you present here and they inspired me since I am expecting a baby and I am decorating the room. I am interested in pictures No 2 and No 7. Are the designs yours? If not, do you know how can I find them? Many thanks in advance, Alexia

  2. Hi Georgia,

    I am looking for pic 2 and 7 for my daughter's wardrobe laminate. How can I get these?



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