Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Easter in Spetses

Spetses, the island of the aroma (Izola di Spezzie), as Venetians used to call it in past, is the ornament of the Saronic Gulf islands. It's about an island boasting a long naval tradition and it is famous for its significant contribution to the 1821 War of Independence. It was here that the revolution flag was raised on 3rd April 1821. Even today, the visitor can see this flag waving in many balconies, churches or squares. 
The island has managed to retain its individual traditional character thanks to its well-preserved grand captain mansions, still bearing eloquent witness to the island's glorious past. The picturesque Old Harbour & Dapia are the trademarks of the town of Spetses. The first think visitor can see when he arrives in the island is the magnificent Poseidonion Grand Hotel in Dapia, which is a historical hotel functioned from 1927. The rich history and naval tradition of the island is reflected on numerous sites that are definitely worth visiting... In every little corner of this place you can discover a long history! And of course you cannot resist of taking a romantic trip around the island in horse-drawn carriages, admiring the grand mansions adorning the narrow cobbled streets of the island, making your mind daydreaming of this blessed place's glorious past!!!
I feel really so lucky that we spent our Easter holidays in Spetses having the opportunity to discover this amazing island and learn many things about its Easter traditions!!!

                Sotirios Anargyros mansion 
                 (A great benefactor of the island & the owner of the Poseidonion Hotel)
             Characteristic type of mansion with traditional cobbled pavement in its entrance.
             Laskarina's Bouboulina statue in front of Poseidonion Grand Hotel gazing at the sea.
             Laskarina's Bouboulina mansion built around the end of the 17th Century.
             The Cathedral of Agios Nikolaos.
             The old harbor.
             Caracteristic mansions. 
             Traditional shipyards.
             The first and the last image of the island.

Images by Georgia Samartzi

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