Friday, January 15, 2016

Woodland Milestone Birthday Party

Many people spend a lot of time organising a big party about their life's most memorable moments like their wedding or their kid's baptism... But what about their own birthdays?
I feel that organising a birthday party is a big deal too. Especially when you have to celebrate a baby's first year, the coming of age or a milestone!
Today, I will describe you how I would like to be my 40th birthday party (even if it will take place some years later^^).
For many people, turning 40 is a big deal. Some welcome it, while others would rather ignore it. Personally, I share the quote saying that "Life begins at 40"! With those words in my mind, I think that I have already found the best invitation for my 40th birthday celebration searching at Paperless Post birthday invitations. It could be designed specifically for me, as it features a favourite saying, written with chalk in a blackboard... My best! 
"If 40's are the new 30's can we party like we are in our 20's?" This is the question!!! And my answer is that we can party like that... So, I am planing to celebrate them by organising a lovely woodland party with all my beloved ones. As a lover of nature, woodland is my paradise! Notably during Spring, when I have my birthday, nature is at its best and it would constitute the better canvas for planning on it the perfect party... 

I imagine some old driftwood tables and benches dispersed in the field for my guests, decorated with wild flowers, greeneries and moss while there will be a buffet in rustic style too with sweet and savoury delicacies and another one with cold beverages... From the branches of the trees around, will be hanging jars with flowers and candles in order to create some romantic atmosphere and then, in a tall tree I will hang a group of old frames in order to create an inspired Photo Booth where we will stand all together to create unique memories of this special day for me! 
Last but not least is my birthday cake which will follows the overall style of the party. A rustic multi layer naked cake enriched with juicy strawberries (my favourites), decorated with greeneries and wild flowers too. I imagine myself  blowing the candles of my birthday cake, making a wish from the bottom of my heart waiting to become reality very soon and continue the party with my loved ones till next day morning, making my birthday's invitation words come true...

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