Saturday, August 24, 2013

My Handmade Wedding Story

Around before two months it was my best day of my life... My wedding! My husband and I, we had decided to celebrate our wedding day, having at our side our beloved ones, those who really care about us, and making a wedding simple and alternative, just as we had imagined it to be, far away from the fashion of a glamorous and luxurious wedding. 
As we both adore sea, we choose a tiny church situated on the edge of a coastal settlement in the Athens suburbs with a breathtaking sea view and a lovely garden! Everything there look like to be on an island... So, the colors of the wedding couldn't be other than the color of sand, white which reminds purity and of course Cyclades and finally touches of yellow as the sun in the Greek summer!

As far as the church's wedding decoration, there wasn't the need to beautify the space with a "heavy" flower decoration. Some white lanterns and bamboo decorative balls ornated  with a small bunch of flowers similar to the bridal bouquet tied with ribbons were enough to add some romance to the atmosphere...  
The big dilemma came when I started searching for the wedding invitations and favors. Through internet, I had discovered amazing ideas which fitted perfectly with our wedding style, but to my great disappointment I realized that in Greek market, it was so expensive to make those ideas a reality! Thus, as I like so much make things with my hands, I decided to make them by myself ,with the precious help of some friends and family, in order to save money for something else and add my personal touch... 

It was a little bit tiring to find out the exact materials for the crafts, spend a lot of hours cutting paper for the invitations' folders, tie bows, mold clay to make the hearts with our monogram which decorated the wedding favors, the guest book, the pen and the sugared almonds' vases but the result made me smile with satisfaction! 
Certainly, as I said before I had the precious help firstly of my friend Ioanna, a talented graphic designer, who transformed in a while a simple photo of the church into a wonderful vintage post card, then the help of our cousin Nathalie, from the Simply Unique, for the lovely tiny favors' card boxes and finally all of our friends which participated in the tying of the favors, some days before our wedding...
It was really a unique experience which offered us stronger memories from our wedding preparations! 


  1. Πολλοί μου αρέσουν οι γάμοι που ξεφεύγουν απο τα συνηθισμένα και που το ζευγάρι παντρεύεται οπως αυτο πραγματικα επιθυμεί.
    Οι προσκλήσεις super ... για στα χεράκια σου και στον βοηθών :)

    Να ζήσετε ευτυχισμένοι εύχομαι !

  2. Ευχαριστώ πολύ Στέλλα!
    Να είσαι καλά!!! :)

  3. Πολυ ομορφα!
    Μου αρεσει να υπαρχει το γουστο του ζευγαριου στα στολιδια του γαμου.


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