Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Restored Oil Mill in Majorca

It' s time to make a virtual trip to Majorca, in order to visit a wonderful rural home. During the ages, since the 1700's that is built, it was used firstly as an inn, then as a winery and an oil mill and finally was abandoned, until Architect Durval Dias Junior discovered it and decided to restore it, so as to give it back its lost glory, with a new use this time. A wonderful residence.


He absolutely respected the building and he tried to preserve the original stone, the staircase and the arches. The furnishings consists of newer pieces mixed with a vintage industrial touch. Black, white and red are combined perfect with a calm palette of natural colors and materials as wood, stone, iron and concrete.

You can find and another restored house here
Images via onekindesign.com

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