Monday, August 19, 2013

Summer Adventures II

These few days we spent in Naxos were enough to understand the beauty of this unique island... Unfortunately, we didn't have so much time to do everything we want, but with a proper management of our time, we achieved a lot! Firstly, sightseeing the amazing old town, then discover some mountain villages* and of course delight those wonderful beaches with the  turquoise crystal waters which lie behind the amazing sand dunes with the white sand... Ohh, it was an unforgettable week! It is a blessing to be in such wonderful places, swimming on those 'tropical', cold waters, sunbathing under the hot sun while the light breeze of the Aegean refresh your body. 

With the help of some inspired local people, the surrounding became more interesting and the visitor can relax and get the most from the island hospitality! Have a look at the white dead tree which has been transformed into a unique beach shower or at the old repurposed boat which is now a super duper comfortable double sunbed!!! You can lie down there for hours reading your book, enjoying the serenity of this place while the only sound you can hear is the splash of waves and some cicadas... 

*In a few days I will show you photos from our tour in Naxos mountain villages.

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