Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A Serene Loft

Today, we are going to visit the loft of a yoga teacher in Belgium. Influenced by her work Elsie, the loft owner, chose natural materials in her loft's decoration, in order to create a cozy and warm space! Wood dominates in all spaces; both on the floor and in furniture, always in its natural color so as to bring to our mind connotations by nature... The color used in the majority of spaces is the white and off-white. The only room painted in dark color is the loft's entryway and the bedroom, where the sweet and natural color of chocolate makes the room totally atmospheric and offers a calm and cozy environment to relax and sleep peacefully. The use of white leather couch, daybed and white plastic Panton chairs, give a modern touch to the Country Chic environment that the raw wooden furniture create. In general, the atmosphere is as calm and relaxed as in a yoga studio... You can swinging in the hammock, listening music, wafting from the bottom. Exactly what someone needs for a harmonious life!!!

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  1. Πολυ ωραια κρεβατοκάμαρα!


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