Thursday, September 26, 2013

Folder: Kitchen

I like so much when a kitchen has the architectural advantage of a large window above of its cabinets... Especially, when the window allows us to enjoy a wonderful view! In this kitchen I am in love with the shelves placed in front of the window that help you place on them pots with plants and other decorative objects or some kitchenware. I would place a lot of tin and ceramic pots with aromatic plants and herbs in order to use them when I cook....

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  1. Τέλεια ιδέα για τα μπαχαρικά και τα βότανα, να παίρνουν και ήλιο από το παράθυρο !!
    Καλό Σαββατοκύριακο **

  2. Ωραια ντουλαπια!


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