Monday, April 28, 2014

Plan an escape in...

...Patmos, one of the most picturesque islands of the Aegean sea. In Chora, the capital city of the island which is characterised as an UNESCO world heritage site, a complex of old manors, stone houses and high yard walls create a wall around the city, erected by the residents of Patmos to protect themshelves from the invasion of pirates during the Byzintine period. Villa Amalia is a part of these wall around Chora... Due to its privileged location gives generously breathtaking views -especially from its magnificent terrace- of the imposing Monastery of Saint John, the Aegean sea and the old town! 
Traditional characteristics of  Patmos local aesthetic as colors, stone floors, high ceilings with exposed beams and exposed stone details around the openings were preserved in the best way during the property's recently renovation! Its exquisite spaces are accentuated by the unique choise of furniture (in a combination of traditional Aegean handmade pieces with some vintage findings), the atmospheric lighting and the cozy nooks, decorated with fluffy pillows and mattresses from crispy linen in order to create the ultimate relaxation spots. 
I would give anything to be there right now!!! Is there something better from living in an island like this, in a house with such a long history? To be able to enjoy every morning  this amazing view from your bed and then going out for a walk in the picturesque alleys of the old city? What do you think?

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