Monday, May 26, 2014

Hand painted floors

This is the lowest cost and most inspired way to make a change in your home's floors if you have been bored of them or they are in need of renovation and you cant't afford it now. 
So, you have only to decide which colors you will prefer to use in your floors' renovation, what kind of designs or patterns you will paint on them and in what dimensions. The next step is to go buying the colors and start working...
I think that I would working on this project without stoping until finish it, as I would be desperately impatient to see the result of my effort.
Today, I took inspiration from Paola's Navone holiday home in the island of Serifos... Her home is traditionally constructed according the Cycladic architecture with stone walls, whitewashed surfaces, wooden ceilling and of course cement floors both inside and outside home. 
Traditionally, every year the inhabitants of Cyclades used to whitewash not only the external surfaces of their homes, so as to protect them from the hot sun rays, but they used to paint  designs on the floors of their homes' patios or on the alleys with the same pigment, made by plaster and water!
In the same way, Paola Navone modernizing this method of Cycladic floor painting, created very interesting floors for her home. In some spaces she used a white pattern on the grey cement background. But, I found brilliant the idea of painting faux carpets on the floor... 

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