Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Montessori Kid's Room

Last years, I discovered the Montessori educational system, because of my sweet Godchildren who is attending this school. After 5 years (oh my God...he is yet 8 years old) we are now so sure that it was the best choice...  
Montessori philosophy is not only focus on the education offered in a school but it is more spherical as it analyzes with details the way that parents ought to grow up their children and how they can organize their everyday life in their home so as their children achieve their independence very soon. Besides, the Montessori moto is: "Help me to do it by myself"!!!
Today, I will try to give you a spherical idea on what a Montessori kid's bedroom means!   According to Montessori system, the way we are usually equip & decorate an infant's or kid's room is extremely wrong! Firstly, we ought to "see" the room with the eyes of the child... that means, from her or his height. We have to create a room where our child could have access to everything without the help of an adult person and of course to feel free on it and to be always safe! For example, we don't need to buy a crib as its fence deprives the sense of the freedom. The best solution is to place a mattress directly on the floor, surrounded with a lot of pillows when our kid is newborn. Later, it will be easier for the child to move from the bed without help! Also, it is very important for his mental growth the placement of a mobile above his bed and a mirror next to it so as the baby start recognize himself.
Another point in Montessori philosophy  is the way we store the toys and the books in a kid's room. Everything must be easily accessible... So, we have to create storage shelves and bookshelves  of short height. 
Here you can find a lot of inspiration on how you can organize your sweetie's room, making her or him happier and help her or him to evolve into an independent person in the future!!!

p.s.: In this article I am just mentioning some information about the Montessori philosophy; in order to create a Montessori room by yourself, you need the help of a professional or many hours of studying about it, as there are tons of information around the www...

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  1. Πολύ μού άρεσε η γωνιά με τα αστέρια στους τοίχους και την ελαφίνα! Την καλημέρα μου :)


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