Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Amaryllis vs Ilex

Amaryllis & Illex are considered as the two most popular kind of flowers/plants we use to decorate our homes during Christmas season, after the spruce branches or other greeneries
Amaryllis catches the eye with its wonderful flower and it is the right choice for chic & luxurious decorations, especially the red one... This is the reason why the majority of weddings taking place during December are mostly decorated with this fabulous flower.  There is also the white Amaryllis which fits perfectly to a Scandinavian style decoration (photo No 8).
On the other hand there is the thrifty Ilex which decorates perfectly every space with its woody branches ornate with those red cute berries. I love Ilex too and I find it as the perfect decorative plant for rustic or country spaces. 

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