Sunday, December 28, 2014

Sunday Morning Tales

It's finally the last Sunday of 2014... What are your plans for today? Personally, I can't go out as the last 10 days, a sudden intense backache plagues me, forcing me to stay home without being able to do  almost anything, except surfing the internet & daydreaming of being in an ultimate Christmas destination! Although this bad break, I don't lose my courage & I am planning a festive gathering with friends when everything will be ok...
I would like to try those two delicious recipes; Firstly, the apple, pear & brandy cider to help, keep ourselves cozy & then those embarrassingly simple goat cheese stuffed phyllo swirls with pomegranate, honey & pistachios... Mmm, they both seems to me so yummy!!!

p.s.: What I like also too much is the gift wrapping in the first photo...

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