Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Vintage air in the kid's room

If you are a fan of vintage, why don't you try this style in your kid's room? Vintage gives always a romantic and nostalgic air in the atmosphere of a room... Just use a soft gray color as a background on the walls and add touches of pale pink, green or blue in decorative items and linens. 
I loved this room from the first sight!!! The addition of some simple and not at all expensive items, makes it the perfect vintage kid's room! A vintage map of Paris, a water color rabbit stamped cushion, some fabric handmade toys, a crochet blanket, a lovely black & white garland and some pink cherry twigs are the items which compose this amazing result...

Do you really love vintage style? Find also a rattan vintage crib and some ideas for hot air ballon inspired kids' rooms...

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