Saturday, September 12, 2015

Summer Adventures

                         Sunset hour: Castle & Lakki
                        Mylos fish restaurant - Agia Marina

This year, our summer holidays was for first time too early... Just in the first days of July! In 10 days, we managed to fit two different destinations. A three day trip to North Evia to attend a wedding and then departure straight away for Athens to catch the plane for Leros, which was departing at dawn. 
In our beloved island we spend the rest 7 days of our holidays enjoying the sea, the sun and delicious sea food.... What I liked most this year, was the calmness that prevailed everywhere in the island!(Unfortunately, because of the Greek people difficult economic situation and the capital controls which have just been implemented in the country). Ιt was magnificent to get up early  in the morning and walk along to the sea coast, listening only to the light sound of the ripples. After a lot hours of swimming and sunbathing in the pure and crystal water of the island and taking pictures of everything around me, it was time to go back in the everyday life... This is always a hard time!!! 
During August, we had also the opportunity for a short break of two days in Marmari with some friends and then we spent all of the rest August weekends swimming in Attica's beaches all day long with the company of our beloved friends... 
In a few words, it was a great summer which offered me the relaxation I needed after two very difficult years and such a gruelling winter, giving me the opportunity to come again close to people I couldn't see during the last two years, due to lack of time.  

note: you can find many of my holiday pictures & my everyday life on my Instagram

                        Capers germinated in the castle walls - The view of the castle from Agia Marina
                        Traditional handmade floors
                        Walking around Agia Marina
                        Walking between Alinda & Agia Marina
                         Map of Leros - View from the plane - Hibiscus: a plant that grows everywhere in the island     
                         Mastics shots for our wedding anniversary
                         Don't loose the day trip with the boat from Agia Marina to those little heavens...
                         Breathtaking views of the castle - The temple of the church inside the castle dedicated to theVirgin
                         Beaches of Blefoutis - Agia Kioura - Gourna & a little handmade boat made from a feta cheese tin
                         Marmari - South Evia
                       Attica: Porto Rafti & Shinias beach
             Attica: Shinias beach bar - Delicious light summer food
            ...& last but not least a horse-drawn carriage in front of the Parliament building, in the centre of Athens

Images by Georgia Samartzi

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