Monday, August 27, 2012

August Adventures

Here I am again, after two weeks of relaxation in wonderful beaches with the company of good friends. The only think that we have to do all those days, was to swim in the gurgling waters of the Aegean sea, snorkeling, sunbathing, taking a lot of pictures, reading, collecting pebbles and shells and of course enjoying fresh seafood, vegetables, and refreshing beers in a traditional tavern with magnificent view. Having gone through a difficult year, it was what I really needed to recharge my batteries in order to have strength to face the new season!
Stay tuned the following days, to see some other shots of my holidays!!!

Images  by Georgia Samartzi

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  1. Mais uma vez estou encantada com suas fotos, as suas viajens, as suas imagens. GOsto muito dos seus posts, sou su fã e admiradora.

    Você fez com que eu me apaixonasse mais ainda pela Grécia.
    Muitos Beijos

    1. You really make me sooo happy once again....
      Thank you!!!
      Kisses xxx


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