Monday, February 22, 2016

10 Tips for your Home Office

What about your home office? Is it always a mess or you try to keep it nice and tidy?
As it is a place we usually spend a lot of hours in it, we have to turn it into a lovely space which will help us to be creative and happy...
1. Put a stylish table lamp which gives sufficient light
2. Add always a vase with freshly cut flowers or have a pot with your favorite flower
3. Use a cup, glass or pot to keep all pens in it.
4. Use a small bowl or box for minor things like paper clips.
5. Have a notebook so you can write down your ideas.

6. Keep it organised by storing your papers in boxes and folders.
7. Make an inspirational mood board or create an art wall with designs, photos and your   favorite quotes.
8. Have a stylish and comfortable chair.
9. Have a lovely cup for your coffee.
10. Buy a scented candle. It will makes your working hours more pleasant! I prefer     cinnamon scented candle during winter and jasmin during the warmer months...

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