Friday, August 31, 2012

August Adventures II


Last day of the August today and the Summer has officially finished! But thanks God, here in Greece we are blessed to enjoy it slightly more.... So, since we have a weekend ahead there is no reason not to go to the beach for sunbathing and swim for once again.
Here is a second group of photos of my August adventures as I had promised. 


Furthermore, tonight is a Blue Moon.... The best way to say goodbye to the Summer gazing it from an archeological site, which is open to the public only for this night each year, or going to a Full Moon beach party. Whatever you do, have a great time! 

Images via me

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  1. Eu amo este blog, e amo a Grécia.
    Que fotos maravilhosas.
    Muito obrigada por me faer viajar através destas imagens
    Carla Dinis

    1. Thanks to google translate I achieved finally to translate your words!
      Thank you very much Carla!!! I 'm very happy that you like my blog too. :)


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