Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Renovation: Saracen Trullo


In the Southern Italy, there is Ostuni, a little city, famous for its history and traditional architecture, which is considered as an architectural jewel, called 'La Citta Bianca' (White City) due to its totally white architecture.
Today, we are going to visit a farm full of olive and almond trees and a beautiful home, result of an old ruined building, sample of the region's traditional architecture, about 40s.m. and a new modern extension.
The architect Luca Zanaroli respected the history and the surrounding area combining in a unique way, white plaster with stone and wood. 
I love so much the natural materials' combination. Cement floors with white plaster and stone walls which become unique with the excellent lighting. Build furniture, antiques, old everyday objects and a few linen cushions  complete in a unique way the thrifty decoration.  This home is a real modern oasis with elements of the Medieval era!

Photos by Chiarra Cadeddu & Max Zambelli, Architect Luca Zanaroli

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