Thursday, October 4, 2012

Charming Rustic House

In Girona, Spain it is located this delightful residence, which combines in a successful way contemporary style with tradition. It is based in the use of natural materials in its construction, using them in their natural colors, as the walls with exposed stones and the wooden roofs and floors. In order to balance the final impression and give a modern touch in the space, a lot of metallic construction and furniture have been added, as the metallic round stair and the energy fireplace in the living room. In the kitchen the modern inox appliances and the black tile in the floor are combined in an excellent way with the cement wall and shelves and the rustic cupboard. The mixing game of modern and rustic elements continues in a successful way in the bedroom and bathroom as well. 

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Images by Jordi Canosa via

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  1. Wonderful photos! Each state has its own rustic house. Thanks for sharing


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