Monday, October 22, 2012

Bathroom: Free Standing Tubs

Are you tired of your old bathroom, and thinking about remodeling? What is your opinion about freestanding tubs? They are my favorites as I believe that they give a unique character in the bathroom. Whether your personal style is traditional or modern, you must be sure that you'll find something that appeals to you! Freestanding tubs are meant to be proudly displayed rather than crowded in a corner....So install them away from the wall, or even in the middle of a room. They will be unique.... If your bathroom has a big enough window put your tub in front of it so as to enjoy the great view each time you are bathing! I am already thinking myself having a bubble bath, in the tub of the 3rd photo, hearing my favorite music and gazing this stunning view!!! What is your favorite???

For alternative style bathtubs have a look here and there.

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