Monday, October 15, 2012

Modern Apartment in Brazil

Modern, bright and airy could be the right words to describe this apartment located in Brazil. Its design is based in fresh ideas, using clear lines in construction and furniture so as to have a modern result. The main colors used here-white, grey and beige-in combination with the high ceiling in the living room give the impression that the apartment is bigger enough from its original scheme. The enormous floor to ceiling window let the natural light invade the space and highlight the carefully chosen elements placed on that huge and tall storage wall which is also a light divider between living room and working area! The "monotony" of neutral white, grey and beige breaks with the use of some decorative objects and furniture in black or extremely vivid colors as fuchsia or orange. A brilliant idea is the use of a colorful combination of tiles in various models and colors that creates an interactive and funny space in the minimalist kitchen.

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